About Us

About us


Unique Peru Tours was started by Maureen Santucci, originally from the U.S. My initial motivation was to create experiences that I wanted to take part in myself! At the same time, I wanted to create custom itineraries for people traveling here that really met their needs and interests. I so fell in love with Peru that it became my passion to share my adopted country with others.

I began working in tourism in Cusco when I first moved to the ancient Inca capital in 2008. Prior to this, I was using my Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine and massage training to offer a variety of therapies, including massage and acupuncture. In Cusco, I began helping out at a local travel agency while getting my practice going, and found out I really enjoyed it. Before long, I was helping so many friends plan their trips to Peru, I decided to set out on my own.


After a while, I encountered Armando Agüero. As I like to say when asked, I found him on the street– when I had the good fortune to get in his taxi and strike up a conversation. As business picked up, I realized that I needed more help, particularly from someone who could be on hand to talk to clients while I was out on a trek or tour. And so, Armando became a partner in the company. With a degree and extensive experience in hotel management, as well as a love of meeting new people, he adds just the right touch to ensure that all our guests’ needs are attended to.

We also pride ourselves on using the best guides that can be found in the Cusco region. Each of them speaks English, Spanish, and Quechua. They have all received their guide license only after achieving a university degree in tourism. At Unique Peru Tours, we use only local guides, allowing you to learn more about the culture of today, not just that of the Incas.



You will notice that we offer spiritual tours as well. Whether you simply wish to experience a despacho, a traditional ceremony honoring Pachamama and the Apus, or you would actually like to learn about Andean cosmology, we work closely with Andean priests who have dedicated their lives to walking this particular spiritual path. Other services such as yoga classes, qi gong, and healing therapies, will also only be offered by appropriately trained and motivated practitioners.

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